connector/odbc 5.1.3 (release candidate!)

yeah, it is all odbc, all the time here, it seems. that is just because i can’t write about the really exciting stuff. soon!

that is not to say that releasing mysql connector/odbc 5.1.3-rc is not a huge milestone! it took us a while to get there, but we finally have a unicode-aware odbc driver that is, in our opinions, production-ready. now we just need some community feedback to find out if we are right. there are a few minor issues we know about already, but the impact of those is generally small enough that the majority of folks should not have any problems.

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I use MySQL with ODBC since 2003 and last well-working driver is 3.51.07

How can this driver (5.1.3) be "release candidate" if it is impossible to create File DSN in ODBC manager (Bug #24581 since Nov 2006)? If System/User DSN crashes MS Access when trying to open linked table in Datasheet view (similar to Bug #34287)?

MySQL is excellent DB server: simple, flexible and fast.
MyODBC since 3.51.07 is a shame (I test almost every new 3.51/5.1 version, none worked)

P.S. Everything runs in Windows XP SP2:
Server 5.0.51a
MS Access 2003 SP2
MyODBC 5.1.3

» Jevgenij Obzigailov » march 30, 2008 4:47am

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