first look: aloha cafe

aloha cafe at honda plaza aloha cafe just opened today at honda plaza in little tokyo. they are serving tasty hawaiian food at very reasonable prices — at 20% off for their grand opening. they relocated to little tokyo from monterey park after losing their lease and their original chef.


Alex and I ate there last Saturday morning. OMG - OMG - OMG - I haven't had Portuguese sausage that good in such a long time. The great joy was watching the look on Alex's face when 1) We got guava juice, 2) two healthy mounds of sticky rice.

The only downer was that we had to use the cash we never carry to pay for food as they didn't take cards. However - we heard this is only temporary.

I love spareribs - I look forward to having this next.

» Ginny (link) » march 25, 2008 7:19pm

A little off topic I know but in the up coming weeks of the summer an extraordinary documentary is playing on July 11 till July 17. Passing Poston is the tale of the thousands of Japanese Americans who were put into detainee camps by the United States Government During WWII.

It is a must see!!! For additional information check out the website at,

» steve » june 30, 2008 6:04pm

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