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it’s not just film crews

helicopter delivery to one wilshire our good neighbors at one wilshire decided that 7am on a saturday morning would be the perfect time to deliver large equipment to their roof. it looked like one wilshire from here, at least. i could be wrong.

it was fairly loud in our place at times, and i can’t imagine what it was like for residents of buildings like the pegasus apartments.

as far as i know, this sort of helicopter delivery is less rigidly controlled than helicopter filming.

in unrelated news, i’ve signed up for twitter. you can find my updates here.

fleming house

the house where my dad was born and raised was renovated recently, and there’s a great gallery at the fleming house renovation project website. as i understand it, the renovation is actually complete, even if the site talks about the project in the future and present tense.

with any luck, the screenplay that celia has been working on for the last year will get shot out in north carolina, and we’ll get a chance to visit and see the renovation.

there’s a special collection of james l. fleming’s papers at eastern california university, which he helped found. i wonder what it would take to get the photographs from the collection digitized.

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