connector/odbc 3.51.16

it’s another month, so time for another connector/odbc release.

there’s already three bug fixes that have been committed to the repository for the next release, and the changes to support building on windows x64 should land soon.

we’re down to about 130 open bugs, about 20 less than the last release. some of those were newly fixed, and some were closed because they duplicated earlier problems that had already been fixed. this release does close another bug that is nearly three years old.

one of the things i hope to get fixed for the next release is being able to specify the default character set for the connection. you can’t do this now, so when developers try to use a different default character set like big5, problems show up in how parameters are escaped. this shouldn’t be hard to do, but it will involve adding another widget to our gui configuration, which i haven’t really had to do very much with up until now.