another connector/odbc release — finally

a mere seventeen months since the last release, we finally managed to release version 3.51.14 of connector/odbc. while much of the development energy around connector/odbc is going into the rewrite from scratch, there’s a few of us that have been working on getting the old workhorse of 3.51 back into shape and releasable.

kent from the build team has constructed a new build tool that lets him crank out builds (and test them) on too many platforms, bogdan and tonci (and others) from the support team have really dug in and solved some annoying problems our customers have run across, and georg and i have been getting into the code and cleaning up some of the other issues. there were also a number of fixes from peter that had simply not been released yet.

there will probably be some embarrassing problems with this new release, but now we finally have the tools at hand to do a release without breaking the back of any one person, and we are getting more organized and disciplined about how we fix the bugs that remain.

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