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108th annual golden dragon parade

dragon head

it’s been almost a month, but i finally found time to get through my pictures from the 108th annual golden dragon parade. taking pictures at a parade is a lot of fun — interesting subjects just keep coming to you. i have a bunch of pictures from yesterday’s st. patrick’s day parade in downtown los angeles to go through.

one reason it’s taking longer is that i’m trying to write a bit more with each picture than i have in the past, and i’m also taking more time to really pare down the photo selections to just those i’m happy with or have a good story.

living at mile 25

leaders of the pack when the los angeles marathon happened a few weeks ago, they ran right outside our front door, which meant we had a good view of the action from our patio. but since we were at mile 25, it was a day-long flow of people, so it wasn’t that exciting to just sit and watch it go by.

we were able to keep an eye on the progress of the leaders by watching the progress of the helicopters covering the race, so i went out and snapped some pictures of the leaders when they passed by. as it turns out, that was when the eventual male winners were passing by the eventual female winner.

the wheelchair racers were actually more fun to watch cruise by, but none of my pictures of them really turned out. they were moving fast.

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