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be careful with those matches

i guess if ed is going to say i have been blogging about downtown los angeles since 2000, i should blog about downtown some more. (it has actually only been since 2003.)

celia wrote about our taste of ’gina on friday night. i really was not expecting much, but the pasta was really good, and so was the gelato. the presentation on the gelato was not great — it looked all melty in the display case — but it was tasty.

we went to see point break...live! at the alexandria hotel, and it was exactly as brilliant as you would expect. kathryn bigelow, the director of point break, the movie, was in the audience.

i am a little amazed that charlie o’s in the alexandria is being allowed to operate with such an obviously deficient sprinkler system. a drop-ceiling has been ripped out, so there are some sprinkler heads that are way too low. and there are lights hanging from some of the sprinkler system. i guess the upgrade from coke bar to hipster haven isn’t quite complete.

h₂o is not your friend

actually, water is not my computer’s friend. in a spectacularly clutzy move, i managed to spill water on my desk, pretty much straight into my mac mini, and then it proceeded off the back of my desk into the power supply for my monitor. it looks like both the mac and the monitor power supply are dead.

at least the water missed my external drive. there is not really any important data on the mini itself.

i have an appointment for wednesday to see what an apple genius can do for me. besides commiserate.

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