sushi ’n sh t

for a while, i have claimed that the best burgers in downtown los angeles came from tony’s (aka burgers ’n sh t). it’s under new management now, and they have taken the burgers off the menu. the new owners have renamed it “tony’s roll & teriyaki.”

i tried the chicken breast teriyaki today, which was quite good. but i will always lament the loss of the burgers (and steak fries).


...and did you ever try the chicken wings?

Brady Westwater claims that he and Tom Gilmore are responsible for the old owner (Leo) losing his lease. Brady thinks that the old Tony's Burgers (burgers n/sh t) attracted the wrong element to the Bank District.

Hey, I thought those so-called undesirables were my neighbors living in hotels and SRO's.

By the way, even Town Crier Don Garza was booted out of Pete's a while back because the manager deemed him to be undesirable. I guess Brady approved, because with that same mentality he shut down Leo.

Welcome to the Old Bank District---if you have money and look like you have it.

» Undesirable » august 24, 2006 7:45pm

The place still looks like a dive, and will continue to look like a dive, unless they put $20,000 into remodeling the place. Doubtful that will happen, and I doubt this place is getting a Zagat listing, no matter what they do.

But the food was admirable cheap greasy spoon eats. Good stuff. Sorry to hear they forced Leo out. And the name of the place was one of my favorites.

» Scott Mercer » august 25, 2006 3:15pm

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