summer 1990, dresden and prague

frauenkirche in dresden

one of the sights that just blew me away on my trip through eastern europe in summer 1990 was the still-destroyed buildings in dresden. when doing some research to figure out what church was in this picture, i ran across the articles about how the frauenkirche had been rebuilt, and realized the photo above was of the destroyed frauenkirche.

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The new building looks excellent on the outside, but the inside has been rushed and painted in all-pastels. It's a complete tragedy.

» Phil Wilson (link) » june 24, 2006 3:31pm

^^^To Phil the colour were not rushed; quite the opposite they are the result of years of research and study. It might suprise some people but many of Europe's great cathedrals, especially those built in the Baroque period were decorated with lavish,bright colours. The colours we associate with them now are just the result of centuries of dust and air pollution acumulation. There was a controversy in the 90s about the Sistine Chapel and its restorian; a lot of people complained the bright colours that were used but all research suggest these were the original colours and the same is true of the Frauenkirche. It certainly was not a rush job.

» mikel » july 24, 2006 5:13pm

It certainly was not a rush job.

» gold (link) » november 11, 2006 5:48pm

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