oracle licensing too expensive for oracle community site

from this thread on the orafaq forum:

“There is no way we would be able to raise the money required to buy a commercial Oracle license.”

“I believe the XE edition is a max of 2gig. htmldb would be free for that, but by the time you add htmldb overhead and users, I gotta think this site has way way more data than what is left out of the starting 2gig. … Standard Edition One would be the next option, at 5 grand per proc.”

maybe oracle will toss a free license their way, but this is a great case study on how useless oracle’s free offerings really are. (to contrast, of course, mysql’s free offering is fully-featured, with no artificial limitations. same with other truly free databases like firebird or the open-source versions of postgresql.)

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this is the blog of the day for me :)
forgot i have to install oracle on an remote server (ubuntu server on opteron) ...that is phun NOT

» Mariuz (link) » march 17, 2006 6:47am

There are no "opensource versions" of PostgreSQL, because it's opensource (no dual/commercial licensing), but there are also closed source clones/forks and even commercial support for the opensource version.

I agree with you that OraFAQ is unlikely to fit into the free 2Gb OracleXE

» pabloj (link) » march 18, 2006 2:55am

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