bye bye,

since appears to have finally given up the ghost on monday, and the quality of its update information was deteriorating before that, so i have finally gone and implemented my own crawler to figure out update times for the sites i still care about.

it shares a bit of code with the crawler for blog-la-sphere.

i have had it in the back of my head to implement something that works more or less like did. but first i have a wedding to enjoy.


Since has now been irretrievably screwed up, what do I do if I want a recently-updated page which is *not* a feed reader?

Or in other words, what works like did? Any suggestions?

» John Handelaar (link) » december 14, 2006 8:19am

no, i don’t know of any similar services.

» jim (link) » december 14, 2006 6:18pm

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