constraints programming

(i wrote this a long time ago, but it was just saved as a draft.)

i watched the first (last, and only) season of wonderfalls, and it is wonderful. it is basically a romantic comedy that gets mixed in with various other genres from week-to-week.

fox seems to be making a habit of putting bullets in the head of some really good shows, but i think they deserve some credit for putting those shows on in the first place. i’d say they are the broadcast network with the greatest range right now, from the second-tier reality shows like skating with celebrities to arrested development and house.

here’s a television show idea to plug into two popular trends: short series and real-time series. a workplace comedy (dramedy?) that takes place over the course of a workday. as a one-hour show, running from 8am to 6pm gives you a ten-episode series (or you could stretch it a bit, do it as a half-hour, and run from 8am to 7pm as a 22-episode season).

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