hangin’ with huell

huell and celia huell howser was hanging around gallery row last night during the monthly art walk, which he featured the night before on downtown, his fun new pbs show about downtown los angeles.

we didn’t have a real camera with us, so here’s a really bad camera-phone picture of huell with my fiancée celia, doing her best impression of an aardman character.


a completely pink, mouth-breathing dork of an aardman character. thanks babe, for posting yet another in a series of unflattering pictures of your fiance.

» celia (link) » october 13, 2006 5:48pm

at least huell is pink too...but yeah, you have a right to be a bit perturbed.

good seeing the both of you last night, ever so briefly.

» shannon (link) » october 14, 2006 1:47am

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