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broken bed (again) celia and i went to the screening of metropolis at the orpheum last friday. it was the digitally restored version, and this wikipedia article explains the differences from earlier releases.

we got a drink at the broadway bar before the film, and more at the golden gopher afterwards, so the list of downtown bars i’ve actually been to is now a little less meager.

despite my earlier repair job, my bed broke again this weekend. i’m not going to repair it again and give it a chance for a third strike, so i’m in the market for a new bed now. maybe i should build a bed frame using iron pipe.


I also caught the show. I was super-impressed with the whole experience. All things old are new again, eh?

» zach » january 17, 2006 5:39pm


» shannon (link) » january 17, 2006 5:39pm

it was impressive to see the film with the live accompaniment on the mighty wurlitzer. and the orpheum is a beautiful theatre, of course. but i am a little relieved that there is lost footage, and the restored version is only two hours long instead of over three.

hmm. a drink at the broadway bar, a couple at the golden gopher, and a couple afterward. yeah, big lush.

» jim (link) » january 17, 2006 5:58pm

I have an IKEA bed that looks to be even cheaper than yours. I ended up taking all the slats out and replacing them with one sheet of plywood screwed to the side rails. That lends racking strength and has worked. I am older than you though, so probably not such an active 'sleeper'.

» tim quinn » january 18, 2006 10:12am

One word: steel.

» geoff » january 18, 2006 2:27pm

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