bank of america tower michelle gubay of the los angeles downtown news writes about various fountains downtown. i guess it’s kind of a companion piece to my photos of various fountains in downtown. the photo here is of the bank of america garden pool area she writes about.

looking back at my photo set, the place i wish i spent more time is by the reflecting pools and fountain near moca.


Trainedmonkey has a very comprehensive set of photos of the fountains of downtown Los Angeles - going right along with a recent LA Downtown News article on the same topic. I notice the fountains every time I ride around downtown...

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Oh, now nice. Somebody's taking pictures of downtown LA. Because the Latimes sure doesn't, nor anybody else who publishes. Make me mad. Your pictures make me glad. Thanks.


ps-always read the comments that came before you, but Downtown News doesn't count, because they're more of a cheerleading team that any- thing else. -

pps-not that I don't read it. It's got lots of cheerleading info. -

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