on broadway, 2005

merritt building today’s exercise in misdirected energy was walking up and down broadway and taking a picture of every building (and parking lot).

it took less than two hours to take all of the pictures — and over six to get them all uploaded to flickr. i didn’t retouch (other than rotate) any of them, and i uploaded every one i took: 231 pictures.

they aren’t all of buildings and parking lots — there’s a few shots of some people in action. a paletero walking by the los angeles times building, a riding vacuum cleaner also outside the los angeles times building, a three card monte game, and a shell game.

the last few pictures are out of sequence because i screwed up adding them to the flickr set. i wish iphoto and flickr were more seamlessly integrated, and the iphoto interface for adding titles and comments to pictures wasn’t so lame. i guess i should play with flickrexport.

some of the buildings aren’t labeled as well as they could be. i need a handier resource for looking up the names of buildings in downtown.

the plan, unless it changes, is to do the same thing for main and spring streets (and maybe hill). and then keep doing it every year.


Hey Jim, Nic here from Niche.LA and Gallery Row Organization. We're in the process of revamping our GRO website and I was wondering if we could get your permission to use your photos of Main and Spring St on our website once you're done. I would love to get photos of all the galleries in Gallery Row and include them with contact info on our website.

Thanks! Nic

» Nic Cha Kim (link) » august 8, 2005 12:15pm

absolutely. all my photos are under the creative commons attribution license. (although if it were built into flickr, i’d place them into the public domain.)

i’m not sure when i am going to get around to shooting main and spring, though. it will likely be at least a couple of weeks.

» jim (link) » august 8, 2005 12:21pm


Great job! Your Broadway photo album is a superb resource that I hope to use on a regular basis. Thanks for your continued techno-inspiration.

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey Firefighter/Specialist Public Service Officer Los Angeles Fire Department

» Brian Humphrey (link) » august 9, 2005 12:55pm

Thanks for doing that! We have a set from a few years ago that covers most of Bway from 3rd to 9th - might be interesting to compare even what has happened so far... love to talk to you about some sort of collaboration with another project we are working on too... Trudi

» Trudi » august 10, 2005 5:38pm

Hi Jim, Thanks very much! I'll contact you in a few weeks to see where you are. We hope to launch the updated website by year's end. Take Care! Nic

» Nic Cha Kim (link) » august 12, 2005 11:09am

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