call me clueless, but i did not realize that yoshimi battles the hip-hop robots by the kleptones was an album-centric mash-up based on yoshimi battles the pink robots by the flaming lips.

it’s funny to play the itunes previews for the flaming lips tracks and think “hey, that’s not quite how the song i know goes….”

i guess i’ll have to get the original album some day.

some music i did buy:

  • “woke up this morning” by a3 from exile on coldharbour lane: also known as the sopranos theme song
  • dengue fever - ep by dengue fever: mentioned by justin in his bookmarks — how can you not love “a cambodian pop rock psychedelic dance party” with lyrics in khmer?
  • “strawberry fields forever” by the real group from live from stockholm: because i love me them beatles covers — this is an a cappella version
  • “aqui” by la ley from mtv unplugged: la ley: more on the “music with lyrics in a language i can’t understand” theme
  • “nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen” by blind boys of alabama from if i had a hammer: for a non-religious guy, i like gospel music like this more than you’d think
  • al green: greatest hits by al green: because i’m trying to drive myself insane