silent wind chimes the tofu festival was really cool, and the tofu tostadas were as good as promised. if you’re really nice to me, i’ll share the recipe.

the picture of these silent wind chimes really doesn’t do them justice. you need to see them spinning and catching the light to really get the full effect.

one of the things in the big tofu cookbook we got with the pre-festival package was a section on various dairy-replacement recipes that used tofu — and one of them was for tofu mayonnaise. real mayonnaise is already dairy-free. there was also a tofu pancake recipe that called for pancake mix. people who use pancake mix deserve a boot to the head.


thanks for being my partner in crime...although i don't think we participated in any illegal activities. next time!


» shannon (link) » august 15, 2005 2:56pm

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