city national plaza i spent about three hours walking around downtown los angeles taking pictures of fountains, reflecting pools, and even one swimming pool (at the westin bonaventure). i’m sure i missed some in the areas i was in, and there are some places i didn’t go — i skipped the cathedral, since it seemed like 11am on sunday wouldn’t be the best time to be cruising through taking pictures, and i didn’t make it over to olivera street or union station.

i took a few non-water shots, too: two guys cleaning windows on the mellon bank building and the california club (detail).

i sprung for a flickr pro account. between today and the historic core tour two weeks ago, i more than blew through what you can upload per month with a free account.


speaking of downtown images, if you email me your mailing address, i'll send you a disc of the same stuff i sent to shannon.

» albert » july 18, 2005 12:26am

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