we’re well into the thick of the summer television season, when network news divisions roll out their documentary-ish limited series, like abc’s hooking up. it follows a bunch of single women as they date by using online dating sites. so you get the seriousness and production value of a news documentary, but on a topic that fits with all of the other reality schlock on television.

as to the actual content of the show, it left me wanting to curl up into a ball under my bed. that probably explains a few things.


when are you gonna learn to kill your TV???

» shannon (link) » july 15, 2005 3:31pm

i actually haven’t been watching all that much television recently. the beauty of tivo is that you can avoid the crap and commercials. i actually sought out hooking up after reading about it somewhere — i have a soft spot for the summer news programs.

something that i forgot to mention is that the graphics for opening and commercial breaks had various dating site names in the background — including craigslist.com. oops!

» jim (link) » july 15, 2005 3:56pm

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