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you can see all of the active bugs currently assigned to me in the mysql server. it’s currently thick with patches pending but not yet approved.

so far this year, i’ve fixed 122 verified bugs. that’s on pace for one bug per working day. whew.

now if only the rate at which bugs were introduced was less than one per working day, we’d be set.

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thanks for the tip. i have just learned, from


1. drinking rubbing alcohol could put me in the hospital (if i had health insurance)

2. "Manischewitz is cheap and tastes like Dimetapp"

3. "Don't forget to go donate a pint of blood before you get started [drinking]; Less blood volume=less alcohol needed for a given BAC"

... this metafilter thing has more practical advice than Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and This Old House combined!

» unoriginal thinker » june 24, 2005 4:18pm

sorry, i posted this comment in the wrong place. i blame the rubbing alcohol...

» unoriginal (and incapacitated) thinker » june 24, 2005 4:20pm

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