los angeles city hall from the inside

chandelier in the rotunda we visited city hall today, and checked out the numerous historical photos on the fourth floor. many of them are from the los angeles public library photo collection, including this picture of pershing square (then called central park) from before any of the current buildings around the square existed.

the main reason we were there was to check out “last looks: the ambassador hotel,” a photo exhibition with shots from the ambassador hotel. here’s a los angeles times article about the exhibition. the prints were on the small side, but they were all great. and some are amazing, like the mushrooms growing on carpet that you can see with the article.

and now that i’ve given them as gifts and i won’t be ruining any surprises, i can say that i got calendars from both qoop and lulu using pictures i had taken, and they turned out great.


love the pics and love the calendar. i can't wait for february! oh and thanks for that pershing square pic link.

» shannon (link) » january 3, 2006 11:07am

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