not a hindrance

squirrel on squirrel-proof bird feeder there’s a bird feeder (supposedly squirrel-proof) hanging right outside the back window of my family’s house in minnesota.

i took 253 pictures over the last week. or at least, i had saved 253 on the camera — i did delete some as i took them.

a few dozen of those are of the squirrels in the backyard. i didn’t manage to catch one in the act of circumventing the squirrel-proof hood, but i have a few more good ones of squirrels in different contortions on the bird feeder.

i’ll finish sorting through the photos and uploading the best over the next couple of days.

253 photos taken, almost 2000 pages read, four movies watched, lots of food eaten, and a bunch of card games played. it was a good week.