no yellow brick road

i’ve finally caught up with the first five seasons of oz, and now join the list of people waiting for the sixth and final season to make it to dvd. so far, season four has been my least favorite (aging pill? wtf?), and the first season is probably the strongest. but at this point, i’ve committed enough hours to watching that i definitely want to see how it all ends up.

there are a lot of great characters in the series, and some good story arcs, but sometimes the episodes are a little too disjoint, with storylines that are so distinct that there’s little reason for them to be in the same episode. that’s made even more clear when listening to the commentary on the last episode of season five, where they talk about how one of the storylines in that season was originally part of season four, and some of the scenes actually shot during that season but held over until near the end of season five.

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