doug liman on location

doug liman and others

i’ve started collecting some of my shots of the shoot of the heist pilot into a set. and that’s not the actress i wrote about earlier.

doug liman is the director of the pilot for heist. he directed the movie go, the pilot for the o.c. (which explains my temptation to yell “welcome to downtown, bitch!” out the window), and a bunch of other stuff i’m too lazy to look up.


Try to get a pic of the girl you wrote about earlier. If it's anything like this actress, then dayum!

» some_young_guy (link) » november 28, 2005 10:42pm

sadly, i never saw her again.

i guess i’ll just have to keep an eye on missed connections. (yeah, right.)

» jim (link) » november 29, 2005 4:04pm

Hey I worked as an AD on that movie. It's Doug talking to his AD staff, that's the back of my head on the bottom right. The actress in the picture is the sweet and beautiful Michele Hicks. The other actress your talking about, but not in any of your photos is the very hot Marika Dominczyk. Thanks for the pic.

» MR » january 13, 2006 12:47pm

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