end of an era

i turned off the recurring billing for my world of warcraft account a month ago. on the same day the cycle started, brilliantly enough. today my game time ran out. maybe i’ll be back once the expansion is released, but it seems doubtful.

it’s a brilliant game, but ultimately i have the same issues with playing it that i do with playing at real life. and that’s not very much fun.


I am interested in the expansion. I can almost imagine re-rolling a blood elf. We (Todd and I) will definitely contact you if we jump back into the game. Maybe by the time the pack comes out, we will be out of our phase. We should get together for a lunch soon. Maybe even next time you and the guys do a weekday lunch I'll tag along, since I work with him now. See ya soon :)

» Karissa » november 28, 2005 8:49pm

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