pasadena doo dah parade, 2005

i just ate a toad

there’s 69 pictures in my set of photos from the doo dah parade, culled from the 287 pictures i shot.

i ended up shooting everything with my new zoom lens, which was a lot of fun. it was a little frustrating having to shoot around the heads of the people in front of me, and the cameraman from channel 7 was really annoying at the beginning of the parade (but he eventually moved elsewhere and stopped getting in my shots).

the shot above is my favorite, but i’m also happy i was able to capture a fire breather in the act, this creepy clown, the briquette girls, the raelian ufo, this crazy giant-wheeled bicycle contraption, and this juggler with the humboldt state university marching lumberjacks.

next year, i’ll have to remember sunblock (ouch), and get there a little earlier to stake out a better position. or bring a step ladder, and just stand up behind the crowd.

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Hey, I know the guy who built the bicycle. He plans to race it in the KSR in Humboldt (or maybe he already did).

» geoff » november 20, 2005 8:53pm

looks like it already raced, and got honorable mention for engineering.

somehow it doesn’t shock me that there is a very small degree of separation from me to the builders.

» jim (link) » november 21, 2005 8:10am

hey did you get any pics of the wedgie for peace guy?

» donald » november 21, 2005 10:56pm

nope, sorry.

» jim (link) » november 22, 2005 9:17am

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