out of time by r.e.m. and music to shag by by various artists are two albums i got via barterbee, working on closing out my account before it costs me money. nevermind by nirvana and a couple of movies should also be on the way.

the barterbee idea is interesting, but the selection of items turned out rather mediocre. (not that i contributed a whole lot of really exciting items to the pool.)


Hi Jim,

I just caught your post and thought I'd send you a note. I'm the QueenBee over at BarterBee.com and want to make sure you are aware of our the membership changes that have been made over the last year since you joined.

All membership accounts are completely free with no monthly fees. You only pay $1.00 to request items and that's it. We'd really hate to see you go and hope you stay around to enjoy our growth. As you may have noticed, we've been growing quite a bit as of late.

If you decide to stay with us under the new model, simply send me a note or drop a message to our customer service team letting them know and they'll change your account.

Thanks again,

QueenBee http://www.BarterBee.com

» QueenBee (link) » october 26, 2005 5:42pm

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