old habits

a long time ago, like back in 1988 or so, i was invited to a party at the house of this guy who ran a bulletin board system i was active on.

before i accepted the invitation, i started to decline it. but here’s the awkward bit — the bulletin board system was running on a computer in this guy’s bedroom, and so he and some of his friends were watching as i first typed “i’m not going to be able to make it...”, wiped it out, and then said i was on my way over.

i guess it all worked out in the end, as that ended up being the group i hung out with through most of high school. although i did stop hanging out with them during my senior year for reasons i don’t really recall, and haven’t talked to any of them since then.

i don’t know if it is more sad or funny that i remember these little scenarios of my dysfunction.

(i’m lying. it is sad.)