i spent a lot of time today waiting for compiles and tests to run. my new machine is scheduled to be delivered on tuesday, and i hope it will be (a lot) faster than the machine i’m currently using. i’m also not using ccache yet, which should be a big help. i don’t know why i haven’t just installed ccache on my current development machine. i guess i’m dumb.

six bugs today, which gives a total of nineteen for the week. i don’t mean to over-sell that number, though — lots of the bugs have been very minor, basically cosmetic, problems. i think my largest patch has been about ten lines of new code. but the best patch is the one that replaced about sixteen lines of code with two.


Yes, ccache does help out when doing compiles. Also there is a distributed version of ccache available that you can pool resources across the network.

» Jacques (link) » january 8, 2005 12:23pm

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