as wide as a river and harder to cross

apple made just the announcement i was hoping they would, and have dropped the price of cinema displays. still pondering selling my imac and getting a 20" cinema display to hook up to my laptop and new desktop machine.

one of the reasons i want a cinema display is for the extra horizontal working space. extra vertical space doesn’t do much for me, but being able to position a couple of terminal windows side by side, or better yet, a couple of terminal windows next to a web browser or my mail client (which is really just mutt in a big terminal window), is great. i’m still playing around with different setups for having different windows for coding and testing. maybe i’ll have more to say about that when i find a setup i like.

my coworker stewart wrote about how he organizes his working bitkeeper trees, and did some analysis of how much diskspace each clone takes up. what he hasn’t stumbled upon is how you can change bitkeeper to default to always checking out read-only copies of the files instead of read-write copies (which is how the mysql trees are configured by default). in BitKeeper/etc/config, you can add a line like [jimw:]checkout:get to default to read-only files. if you look in the mysql-4.1 tree, you’ll see that serg (the lucky guy who has gotten to approve most of my bug fixes), arjen, and nick (a former coworker) have configured their default to read-only. another advantage to using get by default (instead of edit) is that bk citool is considerably faster, since it doesn’t have to check all those writable files to see if they’ve been modified.

i only fixed one bug today, but i pushed a whole bunch of my approved bug fixes into the tree.

i also spent a little time polishing the mysql bugs database a little. now that i have to use it every day, i have a more active interest in making it better. (and for all of its flaws, i still like it quite a bit. the interface is nice and lean in comparison to so many other bug databases that i’ve seen or worked with.)

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