compiling mysql 5.0 from the development tree on ubuntu linux

i started setting up my new development machine today. it’s an amd64, and so far i’ve installed ubuntu linux on it. the installation was totally painless. to be able to compile mysql 5.0 from the bitkeeper source tree, i had to install automake1.8, autoconf, libtool, gcc, g++, ccache (not a requirement, but nice), bison, gawk (mawk doesn’t work), libncurses5-dev, and libssl-dev. and those pulled in various dependencies thanks to the magic of apt-get.

one new bug fixed today, and two old bugs re-fixed. (mostly — still waiting for the build and test for one of them.)


You missed the most important detail... How fast was it?! :-)

» Jeremy Zawodny (link) » january 13, 2005 11:37pm

that would really be interesting. have you some information about that?

i couldn't find any performance indicators on the Ubuntu website as well, so i really have no clue.

» Ubuntu (link) » december 8, 2005 11:32am

i wrote up something about build times on my development box.

» jim (link) » december 8, 2005 11:44am

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