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appointment day

today was the day for scheduling appointments: dentist on september 27 (way too long since my last visit), physical on october 18 (actually has only been about 16 months since my last), and taxes on october 14 (the day before they’re due!).

i’m on a roll. i should figure out other things i need to make appointments to do.


i couldn’t come up with an excuse to include an omnigraffle graphic.

theoretically, saving a document as a pdf file is easy on mac os x. as a practical matter, the option is grayed out in the print box when i try to do it. and if i go into the output options, it won't allow me to save as pdf from there, either (but it will allow me to save as postscript).

i do remember being able to do this once upon a time. i think it stopped working sometime after i reinstalled with panther.

bnoopy is a blog from joe kraus, co-founder of excite, who is currently involved with jot, a stealth startup apparently doing wiki-ish stuff. if he pinged (or a service that shared its data with, i’d add him to the ol’ blogroll.

one of the first things he linked to was an excellent profile of john mackey and the company he founded, whole foods. very jobs-ian.

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