september, 11, 2004 archives

this week is the week when we all solve the same problem

jeff barr, of syndic8, is tackling the update-notification distribution problem. (using mod_pubsub.)

sam ruby blogged about feedmesh, an idea for handling the sharing of ping notifications among some of the current collectors.

quick yahoo! search

i probably just missed this when it was mentioned earlier, but you can visit a url like winstead and it uses the path info to redirect to the appropriate search results on the yahoo! search site.

bounces for messages i really sent

it is just an internet-draft, but here is a proposal for bounce address tag verification, which could eventually stem the tide of bounces for messages you did not actually send. pings via mod_pubsub

with a pubsub client, you can now get the feed of pings from http://localhost:8000/kn/pings. there's no end-user interface on it, but you can use the client from the mod_pubsub distribution.

this may change, or go away. right now, it only includes results from pings, not the result of aggregated update information.

i have taken this down. the thought from people that know is that something like xmpp or a custom protocol will be more appropriate.

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