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ben hyde writes very smart things about “collaborative model synchronization” based on my earlier post about decentralized notifications and content distribution.

the privacy issue is something i forgot to mention, but is definitely another factor to consider. (i’m not sure it is a critical issue, but my perspective is likely skewed by how public i am with my list of subscribed blogs.)

here’s another: how does the publisher know how many people are following what they write? (again, not something i personally feel is critical, but i also rarely even look at the stats or logs of my sites.)


I think people should realise that their blogs are public if they aren't password protected. Maybe give users the ability to not make their blog 'public' but rather some how flagable if they want their pings forwarded over the cloud.

If you were a publisher you would use some stats software which polls a script with a random string each time to semi get the correct stats like the newspaper websites utilise.

» Jacques (link) » september 10, 2004 9:52am

Jim Winstead has touched an interesting topic in the content distribution world (and specifically in the world of RSS and Atom). In "decentralized web(site|log) update notifications and content distribution" he describes a scenario in which smart aggregation clients do not...

» Martin Jansen (link) » september 10, 2004 1:20pm

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