reading php 5: a sign that php could soon be owned by sun requires the installation of a tin-foil hat, and buying in to the premise that zend == php. (via harry fuecks.)

i don’t even know where to start with a statement like this:

“Some very useful functions have been added to PHP5. It’s been nine years in the making, but PHP5 now includes two functions to uuencode and uudecode. Combining those functions with the new socket and stream functions, developers can create a lots of "kewl" applications. An application to automatically encode and decode files to and from news servers comes to mind as an example of how to incorporate these new functions.”

java does not appear to have built in uuencode and uudecode functions. clearly php is superior! (you see, i’m being sarcastic....)

on a slight tangent, is it just me, or could the migrating to php 5 section of the php manual use a once-over by someone with a firmer grasp of english grammar? (no disrespect to the authors meant, it just has a surprising number of clunky statements.)

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