august, 25, 2004 archives

failed password for root from ...

what is with the recent uptick in failed ssh logins everywhere? a few weeks ago, i almost never got emails from the automatic log watchers about these, now i get at least one or two a day, all from different ip addresses. usually they’re attempted root logins, but sometimes they’re attempts to log in as other role accounts (like bin).

XCHANGE::PDF and mac os x

somehow, xchange::pdf manages to create pdf files that mac os x’s preview application can not handle, but adobe acrobat reader can. since this is the tool that my internet service provider uses to produce the bills that i need to print out to include in expense reports, it means i need to fire up adobe acrobat reader to handle them instead of just being able to print them from my browser. (and this means i keep around a disk image of adobe acrobat reader, because i don’t want to actually install the thing….)

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