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there oughta be a law?

i was totally baffled why the state of washington would have a law to facilitate non-US residents getting information on state residents who list themselves on a dating site. here is what has in its faq about the issue:

Q. How can I request information about Washington state residents?

A. The state of Washington requires to assist non-U.S users requesting background information about Washington state residents. Toward that goal, will contact Washington state residents – upon request and at no charge – to solicit applicable data. The requestor may use the system to contact a Washington state resident once this request has been made. If specified, can provide applicable background information in the requestor’s native language. To make a request, please contact [email protected]

this is the result of a washington state law intended to regular international marriage brokers. read more about it. it is strange that does not try to explain this at all.

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