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k-billy’s super sounds of the 70s

the top 100 albums of the 1970s, according to pitchfork magazine. i only own about four albums on the list. i’m more of an even-numbered decade sort of guy (okay, not really — most 80s music is crap).

but this did inspire me to pull up herbie hancock’s head hunters in itunes, and the first track is so baked into my brain as the background music from toejam & earl (one of the sega genesis incarnations).

(via hit & run.)

overtime for programmers

a programmer working for the knowledge adventure division of vivendi-universal games has sued them for overtime pay on the basis of being asked to submit falsified time reports and being paid less than $44.63 per hour (a cut-off for automatically becoming an exempt employee under the computer-related occupation exemption).

i remember having that timesheet system imposed while working at was then the knowledge adventure division of cendant. or maybe it was vivendi by then. certainly pre-universal.

if only a lawsuit could be filed against the company for turning a place that creates games for kids into a soul-draining sinkhole.

knowledge adventure is the first place i worked where an executive told me that my stock options would be worth more than a million dollars, if i recall correctly.

this is one reason why i don’t work stupid hours.

(link via marcus of the sadly defunct mr. cook.)

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