june, 24, 2004 archives

black is the new silver

the wall street journal introduces sony’s new black projection screen technology. sounds like exactly the sort of thing i’d want for a projector-based home theater setup, although hanging a big black screen on the wall doesn’t have a whole lot of appeal. but if sony prices it at $500, as the article supposes, it will apply downward pressure on the not-quite-black screens. (via nelson minar.)

but it’s missing...

here’s the new york times list of “the 1,000 best movies ever made”. there’s a few surprises in there, and they left off any of the monty python films. my quick count is that i had seen about 150 of these. and although i’m sure the decalogue is great (the netflix discs are on top of my television), it’s not a movie. it is a miniseries produced for polish television. (via jason kottke.)

speaking of giant monkeys

american cinematheque will be showing baraka in 70MM at the egyptian theatre on july 8-11, 2004. it’s worth seeing on the big screen if you haven’t seen it before.

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