june, 23, 2004 archives

i like the character used on the metro not-allowed signs. (i tried to post a similar image weeks ago, but my phone didn't like it. maybe it will take this time.)

they call it deflation

hotmail is increasing their mail quota to 250MB. it was nice of google to come along and shake up the webmail industry, which had apparently gotten quite complacent about how much disk space they offered. (as a side-note, i’ve received 771MB of email since march 12, excluding mailing lists.)

one of the great things about pair networks is that they have periodically increased the storage and bandwidth for each account level without increasing prices.

i’ve decided one way to cause problems for someone you didn’t like would be to publish their email address as a place to contact for free gmail invites. (i wonder how many requests for gmail invites just the mere mention of them will attract?)

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