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slides from “mysql and php: best practices”

the slides from my talk at the mysql users conference are available online now.

i’m most proud of the image on slide six when it comes to matching the image to the text, although it’s not my favorite of the images i used. maybe for my next talk, i’ll find an illustrator to do custom images. (i should have it written well in advance this time, since i’ll be writing an article for the mysql developer zone based on the topic, and possibly presenting it elsewhere before the o’reilly conference.)

the dirty dozen brass band will be playing a free show at amoeba records in hollywood on may 22 at 4pm. they have a new album, funeral for a friend, coming out on may 11.

they come back for a full show at the hollywood bowl in august.

a place so foreign and 8 more by cory doctorow is a collection of short stories. some of the stories are available for download online. none of them are extraordinary, although i enjoyed “to market, to market: the rebranding of billy bailey”. “0wnz0red”, the final story in the book, was not quite what i expected (something laced with 133t-speak), which means it was quite a bit better than i expected.

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