another colobus release?

i was all ready to write an blog entry about an upcoming release of colobus (my nntp server for ezmlm mailing lists), when i happened to look at one of my terminal windows and notice a very bad rm -rf colobus*. uh, oops.

i’ve recreated the changes (the hard part was writing it the first time), now i just need to do more testing to make sure i really did recreate the changes. putting the 165,478 messages from the mysql general mailing list into the database takes a while.

i also have (and did not accidently delete, at least not yet) a replacement for most of the rest of the bits of the web-based archives that are currently served up by ezmlm-cgi. which for, is just the listings — i already replaced the message view with code based on the code.

it handles the encoding of the posts to the japanese users list (unlike the current ezmlm-cgi listings), which is cool, even if i can’t understand it. it also handles that wacky Antwort prefix the germans love so much.

i should really package up the web frontend stuff someday, too. there’s really not much of anything specific about the setup to it. it just mimics ezmlm-cgi right now — i need to think more about how i really want it to look and work.

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