may, 1, 2004 archives

night watch by terry pratchett is a book in his discworld series, of which i’ve now read one book. it’s the 28th book in the series, so i guess you could say i’m really late to the party. (unlike last night, where i was first. relying on the public transportation can introduce another level of promptness to your timing.)

it was a fine book, but i’ve almost certainly missed things by not having read any other books in the series. (just what i needed, another 27 books to add to my reading list.)

i don't recall ever having 150 communists march by my apartment in north hollywood.

charity, april and may 2004

children’s museum of los angelesthis check actually went in the mail yesterday, so i made it just under the wire. the donation was for the children’s museum of los angeles which is pushing towards breaking ground on their new facility by next year.

i may as well go ahead and get may out of way now, too. i can finally complete my circuit of the service-related charities by contributing to army emergency relief. it’s probably as timely a contribution as ever, given the ongoing events in iraq and afghanistan.

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