april, 28, 2004 archives

marillion has hit the top 10 with their latest single in the UK, for the first time since the 80s. the register has the details. (i’m one of the folks who bought the album before it had been made. i haven’t really had time to sit down with it yet, though.)

justin mason has written up an explanation of how gmail handles threading. looks pretty tasty.

but reportedly they fall back to doing subject-matching in the absence of headers that allow proper threading.

the light of other days by arthur c. clarke and stephen baxter takes an idea that was a minor element of clarke’s childhood’s end and really explores the ramifications: what happens when you can open a window into any other point in space, and even into the past? it’s the death of secrets. religions collapse. governments crumble. people go into hiding, moving about under chameleon-like cloaks and within darkened spaces.

fun stuff, and a story well told.

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