oscon 2004 and mysql users conference 2004

speaker, 2004 mysql users conference

my talk for the 2004 o’reilly open source convention was accepted: “practical i18n with php and mysql”.

before that, i’ll be speaking at the 2004 mysql users conference on “mysql and php: best practices”. (part of my rough schedule for traveling to orlando and cancun in april.)

for both talks, i’ll actually be pushing the boundaries of my own experience a bit. it’s a good way to force myself to learn more. (they’ll also both be all-new, or mostly all-new, talks.)

who wants to place bets on whether i end up in the last speaking slot for both conferences? i always seem to end up there.


Cool. :-)

(Well, not the part about being last. That sucks. I've been there.)

» Jeremy Zawodny (link) » march 3, 2004 10:25pm

I already know you're speaking on the last day of the MySQL conference. It's in the schedule. Not only are you speaking on Friday, you're in the last time slot. I don't think Nat's scheduled the OSCon sessions yet, so there's still hope there. :)

The only thing worse than speaking on the last day is speaking at the same time as Rasmus. That happened to David and myself once and we ended up with about six people in the room.

On a positive note, just today someone posted to the NYPHP mailing list asking about collation in MySQL and I pointed them at MySQL 4.1. Having given the PHP i18n talk at last year's OSCon I'm interested in hearing yours. Mine focused less on character encoding issues and more on managing message catalogs, so I'd love to hear about iconv and mbstring. I know absolutely nothing about them.

» Adam Trachtenberg (link) » march 3, 2004 10:39pm

the mysql conference schedule is not set in stone yet — i suspect my time slot may change. (in fact, i know it will at least change to the second-to-last slot, as soon as, uh, someone uploads the updated schedule.)

i think my lowest-attended talk was the one at the last apachecon. it was in the last slot (of course), and up against greg stein’s talk on subversion. there were probably about six people there.

one of my goals for the oscon talk is to talk more about i18n than l10n, so as little about message catalogs as possible.

» jim (link) » march 4, 2004 5:28pm

Well, I'll at least be at your I18N talk regardless of when it is... I was very for it on the planners list because i have a secret agenda: I expect a cool tool for I18N w/ PHP by OSCON 2004, since everything currently sucks. ;-)

» sterling hughes (link) » march 6, 2004 2:51pm

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