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my two ₰s

screenshot of character palette showing tibetan charactersi was going to point out unicode font info as a useful tool for looking at the unicode character space, and point out how it would be nice if you could navigate the space regardless of font, and then have it tell you which fonts included which characters. but while i was fiddling with it, i stumbled on the character palette built into mac os x, which does exactly that. the unicode font info tool is still handy for being able to see the nitty-gritty of the font details, but the built-in character palette is super nifty. (via lordpixel’s advogato diary.)

charity, march 2004

solar electric light fund i almost let it slip out of the month again, but this month i’ve contributed to the solar electric light fund.

i have to say i was inspired by the beautiful spring weather — it seemed like an appropriate time to give to a environment-related charity. i originally was looking for a good international land conservation charity, but the best ones i found (world land trust and fauna & flora international) are both uk-based, and contributions wouldn’t have been tax-deductible.

the tinted glass version of the celestion soundstyle speakers went on sale. $80 off. the beech version (sold out) is still on sale for $400 off. i think i’m being taunted by a fortune 500 company.

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