december, 20, 2004 archives

the great part about the news that surgeons perform better if they play video games regularly is that super monkey ball was the game used in the experiment.

today’s lesson

if a monster’s level appears as “??” and it is hostile, run away. especially if you’ve just ventured into a new zone, and the resurrection point may be off in the middle of nowhere and you’ll be stuck there until your hearthstone recharges.

and there’s a tram between ironforge and stormwind, so there’s no point in searching for the land route.

pingback client

to kill time (see previous entry), i’ve implemented pingback 1.0 client code for when i post. if it works, this entry will ping the spec and ian hickson’s initial announcement of pingback. what are the odds it will work on the first try? answer: not good. it took two tries.

next time i need to kill a few moments, i’ll do the server side.

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