regular sucking schedule is a new blog from glenn fleishman about syndication bandwidth issues. i decided to go ahead and implement conditional GET handling for my rss feeds, and make the 403 response for people who have been blocked include a tiny rss feed that tells them they are a jerk (in a few more words). it turns out the throttling i had implemented many months ago had a much higher time limit than intended (it is about one hour, it was almost two days — oops!). i guess it is telling that it was broken that way for months, and nobody ever complained.

it’s not really a matter of bandwidth for me, i’m just very annoyed at people who feel the need to suck down feeds every five minutes when they are only ever updated once per hour. i don’t care if the bandwidth is minimal (now) because of conditional GET handling, you’re still being a jerk as far as i’m concerned.

(and don’t get me started about the idiot at purdue who has been happily eating 403 responses for over two years.)