november, 23, 2004 archives

“X-Mailer: RLSP Mailer” appears to be a highly reliable indicator for spam, at least judging by the 250 or so messages i’ve gotten with that header in the last several months, which appear to all be variants of lottery and 419 spam. one place it comes up in a google search is the source for myphpnuke. i wonder if there’s a connection.

that reminds me: i should start using the spamassassin backport, to join the world of spamassassin 3.0. something to add to the list of things to play with over the long holiday weekend.

the latest amazon short film, do geese see god was also shot in downtown los angeles.

oolite is a re-implementation of the classic game elite for mac os x.

eric and will have already weighed in on yet another clueless public transportation versus car article in the los angeles times, and now i’ll pile on. one obvious thing the author missed is taking the dash “d” line from the los angeles times building to union station. and the times for the north hollywood to union station trip are obviously wrong. (it takes thirty minutes from station to station.)

you have to wonder what goes through the head of the editors at the times when they decide to do yet another iteration of this article. why not an article about people who actually rely on public transportation (by choice or not)?

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